Mack Alive is a 25-year old nonprofit organization dedicated to the upward mobility of residents in the city of Detroit with a particular focus on residents of the eastside. This neighborhood, formerly described as “dying and the best thing to do is to move residents out to other areas” is a beacon of light to the community. Mack Alive provides a safe environment and serves as a positive change agent for neighborhood growth and revitalization.


This mission of Mack Alive  is to enhance the growth and development of the east side of Detroit through comprehensive programs and services that educate, empower and elevate the entire community.  Through the advancement of our mission, we envision a safe community that is economically sound, healthy and vibrant.


Mack Alive continues to believe in the community we are blessed to serve. Programs for youth, a tutoring and mentorship program, employment readiness and entrepreneurial training are key components to Mack Alive’s mission. Crime reduction and prevention and elimination of blight are constant challenges that we address. Community clean-up and neighborhood beautification has been a source of pride for residents, businesses and churches.  Mack Alive will continue to implement comprehensive approaches to tackling these problems while continuing to develop and expand programs and services. 


Mack Alive serves the residents of a neighborhood listed as No.2 (Mack Avenue and Helen Streets) of the four most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit by NeighborhoodScouts’s. This unfortunate designation is based on population and crime data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department. The list was compiled by the predicted number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. It is estimated that the violent crime rate is 145.29 per 1,000- there’s a 1 in 7 chance of being victimized in this area yearly. 


This area is primarily homes, more than 25 percent of which are vacant. The neighborhood has an income level below 73.8 percent of all U.S. neighborhoods.Never ignoring the ravages that poverty, lack of education, unemployment, crime infestation, prostitution, alcohol, and other illegal drugs have contributed to the decline of this once thriving community, Mack Alive is dedicated to the rebirth of our neighborhood.Mack Alive provided services to an estimated 4,000 residents within the last calendar year. 


Board Members

Edna Bell
Oreese Colins
Carla Williams – Smith
Atty. Jelani Karamoko
Jamilah Humphrey
Atty. Harold W. Collins
Chief B.A. Talabi
Gary Bradfield
Alberta Tinsley Talabi
Shelby R. Tinsley, M.A.


Volunteer at Mack Alive


From neighbohood beautification to youth mentorship, at Mack Alive we depend on the hardwork and dedication of our volunteers to advance our cause. No matter your skill set, Mack Alive can put your talents to use as we help to re-build our community.  

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