Sports Alive

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for boys and girls, of similar age to participate in organized youth sports. We believe that Sports Alive can provide skills which can provide an academic sportsmanship behavior. The mission is to collectively build, self-confidence, competitive mindsets, teamwork and discipline.

Each sport that Sports Alive provides should be played with real enthusiasm. The nature of the games demand an decisive attitude and less aggressive play. Winning is important at this level if it helps our kids learn to be humble in victory, as well as gracious in defeat in a overall competitive environment. Striving for victory takes on additional significance if it encourages teamwork and a sharper focus on the attainment of the team’s collective goal.

The goal is to sharpen the minds of our youth and provide quick thinking techniques and multitasking skills that will help with the mental growth for learning. As parents and coaches join with us in this effort, as we are the foundation of teaching for our youth, we can make a real difference in the lives of our children.

Volunteer at Mack Alive


From neighbohood beautification to youth mentorship, at Mack Alive we depend on the hardwork and dedication of our volunteers to advance our cause. No matter your skill set, Mack Alive can put your talents to use as we help to re-build our community.  

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