Since 2007, Mack Alive has helped hundreds of students on Detroit’s lower east side build the foundation for lifelong learning success. This is a poverty stricken area where 40% of residents are illiterate. Starting October 6, 2014 until the end of the school year 2006, our tutoring program is designed to help students of all ages improve in areas essential for school success. We provide instructions for students in grades K-12 in:

The focus of the After School Tutoring  program is to enrich the lives of children and families in the following areas:

1.  Academic achievement

2.  Studies have shown that After School Tutoring  results in improved scores in mathematics for elementary and middle school students.  The ability to read above grade level increased by 30% for both elementary and middle school students.

3.  Grade point averages increased by 20% in middle school and by 40% in elementary school.

4. The average increase for writing and history was 50% with a 10% increase in Science.

By working collaboratively with students and parents, the tutors provide the best supplemental, personalized instruction along with the motivation and confidence needed to help student’s  succeed. OurAfter School Tutoring  program is beneficial to our students.


1.     Provide the tutor with a copy of the course syllabus.

2.  Come to tutoring prepared with homework questions and concerns to help guide the tutor.

3.  Bring all materials to tutoring (i.e. textbook, notes and any other materials related to the course).

4.  Be willing to actively participate in the tutoring/learning process by showing work, answering questions or even helping other students understand material that was just covered.

5.  Do not expect tutors to provide answers on take home tests.


Mack Alive  provides  each student with a healthy  snack  in the afternoon upon

their arrival at the  Community Resource Center.

In addition to After School Tutoring  we offer individualized Reading and Computer instruction by appointment. Call 313.824.390 or e-mailkeepmackalive@yahoo.com to make an appointment.

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From neighbohood beautification to youth mentorship, at Mack Alive we depend on the hardwork and dedication of our volunteers to advance our cause. No matter your skill set, Mack Alive can put your talents to use as we help to re-build our community.  

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